Nice show weekend for Gremlin dogs!

10 december 2011 2 National Dog Shows in Saratov (Russia) "Saratov Cup 2011"

shih-tzu Only You Veseliy Gremlin
- 2 JCAC, 2 JBOB, BOB!!!

Congratulate the owner Oksana Ishina! 


11 december 2011 National All Breed Dog Show in Naro-fominsk (Russia), judge Adamovskaya V.

shar-pei Rеdkaya Shtuchka Veseliy Gremlin
- JCAC, Best junior female!

We congratulate Irina Rozanova!


11 december 2011 Champions Show in Cuba

Tiger Veseliy Gremlin 
  Junior Champion of Cuba, res BIS
We congratulate Manuel Esteves Leal



11 december 2011 2 National Dog Shows (judge: Agafovo. ( Ukraine) Julija Aidietienė (Lithuania),  and National Toy and Companion Speciality Show (judge Sarmont T. from Belarus)

Saffron Sherhy Quizat The Lion Heart
- 3 CAC, 3 BOS, 2 BOB, BIG (Agafonova E.), res BIG (Julija Aidietienė)
finished Breed Champion and Champion of Belarus

Video from BIG

Never-Say-Never Veseliy Gremlin
- 3 CAC, 2 BOS
finished Champion of Belarus and Breed!