new shih-tzu owners

New happy owners!

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Ksenia from Moskow have chosen his boy at the age of 3 weeks! She has given  him the name Lavrentiy Veseliy Gremlin. Now he is 4 month old! Last weekend he arrived in  Moskow and they are happy together!

Lavrentiy is out of Demetra Gordon and Dushechka s Krutogoria! We  are very proud of Lavrentiy Veseliy Gremlin and his new family! We are sure they have great time together!

10 june 2010

 Artem from Moskaw was waiting 2 black-white boys out of Gordon before their birth. He was dreaming for one little boy for himself and for his mother! And   a dream that came true! One dame has 3 puppies out of Gordon and 2 black-white boys!  fabulously!

Good luck with boys, Artem!

15 july 2010